Our Ethos

We are not bound by products; we are guided by our methodologies and depth of evaluating business processes and building solutions!

For Excellence in Project Execution, perfect detailed engineering is a key requirement. We believe that it is better to design ideas and products right, make appropriate changes, alterations, improvements to the minutest of detail at the design stage. Here it costs less, is more interactive, and fast. Use the correct visualisation tools to develop prototypes.

Get the model right!

Get the model signed off!

And then, only then, BUILD!

And We Are

We’re a team of designers, developers, strategists, and project managers who work together in a collaborative environment to innovate and solve problems. ABC+D is a division of Chimes Private Limited. We are a Gurgaon, India-based entity and take pride in representing our strong company culture which is flat, creative and open for opportunities and growth.


Thinker / Observer / Reader

Uday Punj

Promoter & Founder

Uday is a serial entrepreneur. Simplicity in work and Excellence in execution are his strongest beliefs. The knowledge and experience he gained over the past 33 years spanning across Industries including Construction, Broadband and Manufacturing services, Technology deployments; these have helped him a lot in crafting his entrepreneurship journey. What he does as a Promoter and a Founder is - observe, visualize, design, write, talk, share, challenge, learn and unlearn. And yes, when he is not working (which is almost an impossibility!), he is listening to Bach or Beethoven and in a meditative trance.


Internet Buff / Learner / Disciplined

Jai Punj

Marketing Evangelist

Jai has the ability to conceptualize ideas and see them come alive from inception. Being on the team for concept and branding, and marketing and customer adoption of platforms built by ABC+D, Jai helps build relationships with prospective clients and partners. When not working on his computer, he enjoys using other technology and frequently uses his GoPro and 3D printer. Jai is also a big fan of automobiles, taking every chance he can to get a look at the latest developments in the industry.


Tech lover / Wanderluster / Reader

Gaurav Sharma

Head Development

Gaurav Sharma is the Lead Developer (i.e., troublemaker) and go-to tech guy at ABC+D. He architects and builds enterprise applications and mobile solutions with deep integration with technology. He is a die-hard Coder!! When not working, you will find him on his recliner reading!


Swift / Perfectionist / Multitasker

Bhavna Mago

People Management

Bhavna has more than 15 years of experience managing and juggling varied positions across leading organisations. An inborn manager who is also a mom of a 9 year old! At ABC+D, she multitasks her numerous skills with a friendly disposition. She is like a ninja when it comes to work, by swiftly putting together all the requirements of the team with ease.